Sunday, December 2, 2007

Foregin body in the eye

The eyelashes avoid that most of particles or of the objects they enter the eye, and rasgones can clarify generally outside the particles that obtain in the eye. Once in a while, an object or a solid projectile can adhere to the eye or be fitted underneath the surface of the eye. The foreign bodies in the eye can be small specks of the dirt or the eyelashes, either great objects the more such as stones, nails or crystal. The eye is damaged easily. The type commonest of injury of the eye is a corneous abrasion to the scratch in the cornea, the layer is transparent that the diaphragm lies on its pupil (the center of its eye) and (the colored part). If the foreign body sticks to the inner face of the eyelid, the scratch happens when the object rubs against the cornea whereas you flashing, and the scratch is in a vertical line the symptoms can include itching, the irritation or the rojez of the eye. If you have a corneous abrasion, you can have pain the eye, slight sensitivity and vision blurry.

If you visit your doctor, he or she will shine a light in his eye to look for the object and can use a cotton sponge to give return to his eyelid for above. His doctor will examine the edges of his eye as you watch in diverse directions. The drops of the eye that contain a local anesthetic agent use sometimes to make this examinación more comfortable. His doctor must verify his vision using a letter of the eye. If his doctor suspects that you can have a corneous abrasion, he or she can examine his eye after applying a small amount of dye of "fluorescein" to the surface. His doctor can apply to the dye using a paper strip. When the strip touches its eye, a film of fluorescein will easily mix with his rasgones and floater through the surface of its eye. Fluorescein gathers in the areas are damaged that and shines intensely when it is seen under blue light.

Some foreign objects can be cleared easily and they do not damage the eye. Others are more difficult to clear and can damage the eye. With the appropriate treatment, the symptoms of a smooth corneous abrasion improve or disappear almost always totally in the term of 24 to 48 hours. For more severe abrasions, the symptoms often last more of length. Use to eyewear protective in the work if he is appropriate, for example during work of construction and when playing sports. In the work, the tin to eyewear protective reduces the risk of a corneous abrasion by up to 90% because these abrasions often happen when a foreign object obtains in the eye.

If you play a sport, the eyeglasses of the use to protect your eyes against the sand, the dirt and other objects. If you need crystals to see clearly, you can have eyeglasses done with the lenses of the prescription. If you use the contact lenses, lávese the thorough hands before you handle the lenses, and maintains your lenses clean. He never rubs his eye to try to obtain the object towards outside because this can create a corneous abrasion or deeper injury. If the object is great and it cannot be cleared easily or if it fits themselves in the eye, it covers the eye with gauze and it sees doctor immediately.

If you use the contact lenses, lávese the hands and clear the lenses. It is possible that rasgón small in the lens is causing the irritation, rather that a foreign object. If the object is small, for example an eyelash or a speck of the dirt, you can be able to see being on it as wide the aware as it is possible. Cause that somebody watches its eye or, if you are, watches in a mirror. Maintain its cover lower and you watch for above, later they raise its superior cover and watches down.

If you can see the object, you can clear it with the edge of a face fine weave or a dampened sponge of cotton. For the small objects you also can try to clarify your eye with clean water. Their latigazos will remove the object sometimes if you throw of your superior eyelid on lower his. If neither nor others of these methods clear the object, attempt that is able somebody to help. Lie in his side and you maintain his aware been on with his fingers. Cause that his friend clarifies the eye with eyedropper or a filled small cup of hot water or the sterile saline solution. If you cannot clear the object, véndese the eye freely and see doctor. Its treatment in the office of the doctor depends on which are the object, on where is and if it has damaged his eye.

If you have a corneous abrasion, his doctor can give antibiotics him (the drops or ointment of the eye) to prevent the infection. His doctor does not prescribe anesthetic-containing of drops of the eye, although he or she can use them during his examinación.

Although these drops of the eye do that its eye feels better, also come up to him with the pain the sensation that can indicate a more serious problem. A puncture wound in the eye is a medical emergency. If you have a foreign object that can be fitted underneath the surface of the eye, it sees doctor immediately. The eye is damaged easily, so you must see a doctor if:

* You think that you have cleared the object but still that has pain, the irritation or veiled vision.
* You cannot clear the object same you or with the aid some other.

The perspective depends on what type of object is in the eye and how it obtained there. The glass shards, other sharp objects and the objects that entered the eye in the speed are more probable to spoil. An object that penetrates the eye can cause in blindness.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Dark circle under eyes

A woman expresses through her the eyes and therefore you must take special care to make them more expressive and beautiful. We much more bring the extremities to him that will help him to take the care from their eyes and. Dark circle Underneath Eyes the dark circles happen underneath the eyes due to a combination of reasons. He is sensible underneath the eye, because people obtain older. Whereas we age and we received more damage of the sun to our face skin, the fine skin underneath the eye can fine and be wrinkled, that allows that the veins in the fat cushion underneath the eye get to be more prominent. Then the skin is slightly darker here than the rest of its face, any change in health demonstrates for above immediately in this delicate area. Some people think that she happens because she or is tired, or like result of the exhibition of the sun. This one is not typically the case. Sometimes the dark points can be hormonal, but they are often hardly hereditary. The dark points are caused sometimes by the reflections or the mold of the shades by the pumpings of the fat that happen naturally in the lowest eyelids whereas people obtain older. If pumping itself of the fat it is the cause of the dark circles underneath the eyes, then the cosmetic surgery to clear the fat purses is the only approach that is typically effective, with exception of maquillaje of concealer. There are many factors that contribute that they make dark circles around the most sensible eyes. Age - the skin that covers the eyelids diluted as we age and beginning to loosen its elasticity. With the skin being finer the blood vessels below gotten to be more evident. In order to attend the formation of the colágeno and to revitalize its fragile skin around the eyes - taking from an additional supplement of vitamin C considers please (acid ascórbico), after verifying with its facultative doctor. Inheritance - the tendencies such as allergies or eyelids of the deluente pass ignition of the generation to the generation. Allergies - although the allergies are often the fault for the dark circles, any thing that the chronic nasal obstruction of the causes can be the culprit. You can be that she does not have an important medical reaction to a alergénico, as wheezing, to lay down, I sneeze or a closed chest - you could simple have a nose slightly congested, or swollen eyes more of the times. The tests can be made to determine environmental or the allergies of the food with a simple skin scratch the test, an analysis of blood or other alternative types of test. If you have nobodies of tested, and come upon the positive for any article that you could avoid more far possible, the additional mile goes and tries to cut the alergénico outside its sphere to live - he is that environmental or food in origin. Vitamin C is effective allergies of the internal fight. Fatigue, tiredness or deficiency of the dream - tiredness level also will add to the problem of purses underneath its eyes, and specially to those ugly dark circles underneath the eyes. Have a glance in the amount of hours that you to duer and also that she verifies in the amount of hours you to me work in front of your television of the computer or the clock - both these actions put an enormous tension in their eyes. Smoking - you can be that she is not smoked, but the secondary smoke even can affect the way its glance of the eyes. Most of people it will have a violent reaction to smoke, for example the eyes that give return bloodshot or watery, whereas others show their allergy like swollen eyes. Take vitamin C as smoking bush of great amount of this vitamin, whenever you one ignites for above. Ingestion of excess of salt or sodium attempt del?C and reduced in eating the crude salt because it could add to his problem with the retention of the water. Fluid retention - the fluid retention can be an important cause of swollen eyes. Vitamin C is a natural diurética and an increase in this vitamin not only the aids in clearing excess of water of its body, but also it will attend with the formation of the colágeno. Other reasons of dark circles are exhibition of the menstruation, the pregnancy, the thyroid and the excess to the sun. The following ones are few treatments for the dark circle that will help to alleviate them or to conceal. * Submerge to a sponge of cotton in the juice mint recently extracted, rosewater or cold milk. Acuéstese with its raised feet above than its head, and later places the cushions wet in its closed eyes. Remain that way by 10 minutes. Make east newspaper and you will begin to see results after just a short time. * Smoothly give massages to the oil of saffron or almond in the dark area before going away to the bed. * Acuéstese and puts a slice of the cucumber or the potato in each eyelid by near fifteen minutes. * Follow rich of a diet in iron, vitamins and proteins. The deficiencies demonstrate immediately for above like circles underneath the eyes. * You can also use a mixture of the oil of almond or the juice of the cucumber with the juice of the lemon to lighten dark circles. Drink the portions of water and you obtain a pile of rest. Exercise for eyes 1. Siéntese down and relaxes. Breathe normally, and you watch a point between his eyes, on the bridge of his nose. Keep watching of this point for an account of five, and later it relaxes the eyes. The following glance in the extremity of its nose, also to the account of five and relaxes. This exercise will facilitate the tension and it will tensirá it and relax his eyes. 2. Siéntese down and relaxes and watches right in front of you. Inhale and you seem right more far possible, without giving return to his head. Slowly come to the original position and exhale. The same method for the left side repeats. Make east exercise three times. 3. Right Incorpórese and watches down. Inhale slowly and you begin to roll his eyes to the then right and to the cover, in a circular movement. When their eyes have reached the cover, watching towards its eyebrows, beginning that exhala whereas the change of its eyes went away and downwards in a circular movement. Repeat three times

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lifestyle and eye care

Remember which an athlete can immovable require the protection against injuries during contact sports, no matter that the type of correction of the vision he chooses. If there is any risk of being struck by the fast ball or the other object (like in racquetball, pumpkin, hockey, the etc.), high- the protection of eye is recommended, if you are using contacts or no. Eyeguard of polycarbonate will not twist the vision. Whereas some manufacturers have develSoped the contact lenses that offer the protection against ultra-violet rayses, many lenses no. In any case, the dark sun glasses or eyeglasses are due to use to outdoors protect the eyes in light of the sun, particularly in the sports such as swimming, the ski or the ice-skating of where they can be many of fulgor. Performers&Actors: contact lenses in stage the contact lenses provide a double advantage to the active forms of life of the executants, who can need to change or to heighten their aspect whereas they dance, act or participating in the dramatic activities that can be as vigorous as an important game of the baseball of the league. Before the colored contact lenses were available for the public, the cinema stars used to change them their color of the eye. Audrey Hepburn gained a concession of the academy for the delay until he is dark in 1967, in which she played hidden woman, using the lenses designed specially to do that she appears so. Use and eyes of the computer Instead of starring in the silver screen, or the homemade operations slugging outside Fenway parquean, a great amount of people happens to majority of their workable day in front of a computer screen. By an estimation, almost 90 percents of that people who worked in an exhibition terminal video (VDT) consequently experienced a certain form of problem of the vision. How you say if their symptoms are related to their use of the computer? the VDT-RELATED symptoms happen a certain hour after you begin the work. Then the workable day progresses, its symptoms will get to be acute. Which are the symptoms that are related to the use of the computer?
* Difficulty that focuses after working in a computer, with the vision blurry or double
* Eye strain or fatigue of the eye
* Dolores of head or backaches
* Eyes dry and irritated
* Stiffness or malaise of the neck
* Images deferred when watching far from the screen
* Sensitivity to the illumination
* Espasmos of the muscle Are the environmental factors that could affect their symptoms?
* The shining lights in their peripheral field of view could add to the malaise or the reduced visual operation.
* The light reflected in its screen of computer can diminish the resistance of the characters of the screen and force to him to possibly assume a clumsy position to consider around the fulgor.

The location of its screen could cause the clumsy positioning. In order to determine the cause of your symptoms, you must visit your professional of the care of the eye. Before going to its appointment, nevertheless, to the note of the taking of the atmosphere in which their symptoms happen and in what hours are greatest. This will help greatly to its doctor in the diagnosis. If the eye strain of the computer is the diagnosis, are methods simple to facilitate the malaise:
* it is not centered in a single object by a period of the prolonged time;
* it improves the illumination around his monitor;
* flashing often;
* it ciérrese the eyes frequently, then they far watch in the distance (under a lobby or outside a window) each 15-20 minutes to relax them;
* it feels at least 18-28 inches far from the screen;
* the monitor underneath level of the eye inclines slightly; and
* it maintains his dust screen free to reduce to the minimum present interference visual.